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Mayor, TC & SC need to meet NOW ! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael Phillips   
Friday, 16 May 2008
So which town councilors are going to commit to working with the school committee to fix this mess? And which are going to do absolutely nothing? 

There is growing discussion of recalling every person who refuses to participate in this process. And I say why not. All we are asking is that people communicate and work together. If Councilors are going to refuse to do that they should not be holding office and they do not deserve the slightest bit of respect from anyone in this town. 

Councilors Bill Martin, Dan Guinn, Mark Wisnewski, Chris Joseph and Al Siano have committed to being a part of this process. As far as I'm aware no others have. We'll be calling around in the next week to get firm answers. We'll also ask the Mayor. Those who refuse to participate in this meeting will see recall petitions everywhere they look. They will also see regional and national media asking much tougher questions about why they couldn't bring themselves to participate in such a basic expectation of public service.

This is one of the most absurd processes I've ever seen played out anywhere in my life.  Many of the people involved have great ideas - The Mayor - Councilors Martin and Farrell - Mark Wisnewski - John Lunt - the community, each body involved.... but for whatever reason they can't schedule a meeting. They can't get in the same room to work out a solution for our kids. That is absolutely inexcusable. No one should be allowed to hold public office if they refuse to cooperate when the community has demanded it so clearly. 

All good people... but they are locked in a broken business as usual process that can no longer be tolerated. Our property values are at stake. Our community is being destroyed. And most importantly the quality of our childrens' education is being put at risk for no reason at all. 

If solutions are not found I am going to hold the people who failed to work together entirely responsible. And I will work to organize a recall of each person who thinks they are above working together. AND, it will be successful. 

The meeting of the TC, SC, the Mayor and the community needs to happen May 31 - Saturday. It won't happen before because of Memorial day and after is just too late. 

Please call every Councilor and DEMAND that they work with the SC to solve this problem. It's not too late. But it's getting close. 

- Mike Phillips

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